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Taco Boy

15 Center St, Folly Beach

I have heard a lot of slander about this new edition to the fb center street (from the raval/poe’s people). A few people have told me that it is the worst food ever. I’m pretty sure that those people are not well. If you want to experience some severely messed up taco/burrito food, refer to La Cocina (Folly Rd). I think Taco Boy is doing it’s best.

Taco Boy has a well designed atmosphere and good, almost authentic taqueria food. Though you wouldn’t find most of these tacos at an authentic taqueria (who use simpler, more humble ingredients), a lot of the elements are well done–you are offered corn tortilla tacos which are far more authentic than the gringo grocery store flour alternative along with interesting fresh salsas and good guacamole. Taco Boy also has a good tequila selection and decent margaritas. As a taqueria not as good as La Nortena or any of the taco trucks that circle N. Chas but as a restaurant it’s pretty decent.

visits: 4
price: $2-$4 per taco, around $6 for a margarita.


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