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The Wreck

The wreck is a good spot for fresh fried seafood and a great place to take out of town friends to show off old village charm. The oysters and shrimp are incredibly fresh and local and so is the fish (grouper, wahoo, flounder…) The fact that the location is basically impossible to find gives it some added local charm. However, the outdoor, no AC dining area can be quite unpleasant in the summer. Eating in a hot outdoor room and being served on paper plates is fine with me, just not at the Wreck’s prices. This place is expensive for what it is. Whoever is paying should expect to feel fully taken advantage of.

Visits: 2

Prices: entrees around $17


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153 E. Bay St

Pearlz Oyster Bar is good–way better than its inferior cousin T-Bonz. The oysters are of good quality though recently i’ve had a few dozen gulf oysters that were flat, not salty enough, and tiny. The more expensive dozens (whose provenance vary) are always great–it just hurts me to spend $20 on 12 oysters knowing that a burlap sack full of delicious local oysters can be sourced for around the same price from any local seafood store. I guess if we were landlocked i wouldn’t even think about complaining.

Pearlz is full of thirty something singles and up if you are in the market for cougars. The fish and chips plate is excellent and the other fish dishes on the menu are interesting and very fresh. Definitely worthwile and a good place to bring out-of-towners who want oysters.

Visits: 3
Prices: oysters $10-$20 per dozen, entrees $10-20

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