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Compared to the famous K-town in Manhattan, we’ve got nothing in terms of Korean food. With their 24 hour spots, charcoal grill in table set-ups, and a litany of truly exotic, interesting, and fresh dishes, we seem to be in the dark ages. This strange, suprisingly huge dining room on the top edge of west ashley seems like a far cry atleast.

But this is not nyc, and like so much ethnic cuisine in charleston, there is no competition within the genre. I had not been to Kim’s Restaurant in years until recently and am left with mixed reviews. The side dishes (requisite in any proper Korean meal) were delicious and offered authentic, hard to find specialties like kimchee, marinated cucumbers, marinated bean sprouts, potatoes, and a very strange marinated fish cake with daikon radish. Our table shared a green onion pancake that was tasty as well. This part of the meal was without a doubt the strong point.

Our meals came and I was already unimpressed at their sight. My steak bulgoki was soft in texture and sickly sweet tasting, simply bad. A friend’s pork bulgoki was slightly better in texture but still unimpressive though probably the best meat dish on the table. Abu’s beef ribs were less than tender and unimpressive. If you wish to consume meat here, I would suggest one dish for 2 or 3 people as the portions are huge, or no meat and lots of appetizers and kimchee dishes. Apart from the bad meat, a pretty good experience. Take out of the good dishes would be worthwile.  


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