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7671 Northwoods Blvd., N. Charleston.

Great Pho. Cheap. Never more than 2 tables diningĀ in this huge restaurant at one time. To me vietnamese is the only Asian food that is light and fresh and doesnt leave you feeling stuffed. The soups are filling and light. The avocado shakes and other fruit shakes are interesting and good. I do wish however that they would step up the quality of the meat a bit. Also check out the new Mt P location, Pho Bac on 17 N. The food is just as good and the atmosphere is a little less weird.

As good as these 2 spots are, we wish that the owner could team up with someone to help him run the place and perhaps make it more american friendly/efficient. First off, the service, though pleasant, is terrible and incompetent. It takes 45 minutes to get a bowl of pho, the server has no idea about wine/beer, and so on. Pho Bac and Kim long could be goldmines if they were run correctly. A noodle place downtown with a clean hip atmosphere would kill among the cofc crowd. Unfortunately, delicious, interesting, inexpensive food does not always translate into a successful restaurant. Someone help these people please.

visits: +10
price: around $7 for pho or entree, $2-$3 for a shake.


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