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El Bohio

El Bohio serves good Cuban food in a space adjoined to the pour house on maybank highway. If you are expecting a metro, mojito drinking, fake yuppie sophisticated trendspot, this is not it. The service is good, especially if you are drinking with the servers. Bohio is a great place for good impromptu conversation with the clever, informal, and entertaining staff (I know these folks so I am biased).

The food at Bohio was created by one of the pour house co-owners who’s family actually comes from the Pearl of the Carribean. I like the yucca con mojo and the empanadas as starters, the turkey cuban sandwich for lunch, and any of the plates for dinner (lechon, grilled chicken…) My only complaint is that the platano is a little salty. Also, I wish Bohio would do a cuban roasted chicken, which to me, is the most important dish any Cuban place serves. I don’t care about mojitos or cuba libres though Bohio has a great beer selection. Something about this very unfancy place feels cozy and home-like. It might not be the cuban food of south Florida or NYC, but i think it is a pretty decent rendition. (As an aside, I spent a month in Cuba in 2004 and found the food there generally not as good as comida criolla in America. I think this has to do with the lack of good ingredients there and the lack of motivation under fidel to put much effort into food preparation)

Anyhow, good job Bohio, and please, pollo asado, acere!


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